The Sun did not shine, it was too wet to play.
We didn’t let that stop us that nasty, wet day!

It was Monday, May 8th, the date that we’d set –
Trooper Island adventure was calling – we jumped in the Corvette!

We headed out, down the road, the sky cloudy and grey
enroute to meet our friends, who wanted to get out and play!!

We arrived at the meeting place with many already there,
including Trooper Jonathan and his dog, who looked like a bear!!

16 Corvettes (17 counting KSP Trooper Jonathan) and 1 steel car braved the elements to get out for the day.

When they arrived at Trooper Island they got to the boat ramp and the ferry awaited for the ride to the island.  Everyone parked their cars and boarded ready for transport across the lake. 

After a delicious lunch Jonathan gave a really nice talk about the history of Trooper Island and what they do there.  He answered questions and explained all about the program and how it helps underprivileged children of Kentucky.  Then he gave a guided tour of the Island, which was really nice.  They saw the inside of the Chapel and the inside of one of the boys cabins (holds 22 boys) and then they toured the camp counselor’s cabins too. 

After their visit off they went – cruising the curves and seeing the beautiful Tennessee Countryside!  It was a perfect day with friends that ended, of course, with Ice Cream!