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September 30 Plateau Corvette Club members drove to the Oak Ridge History Museum in Oak Ridge Tennessee. Much of the museum concentrates on the Manhattan Project and the Secret City and the development of the Atom Bomb. They had a private Tour given by Don Hunnicut who told us that during the war years the Government allowed one man to photograph what was happening in Oak Ridge. Very Top Secret!! After the tour they drove to Calhouns Restaurant on Melton Lake for lunch.

Thanks to John and Reggie for a informative and fun drive!!

On SEPT 23, Plateau Corvette Club members drove to Lilly Bluff where they took a short hike to the Bluff overlook. Great views and great weather. Then they drove to Clarkrange where they stopped at the Cumberland General Store for lunch.

Thanks to John and Reggie for a great Drive !!

Saturday September 18th Plateau Corvette Club members dodged the rain drops and attended a picnic at a members home. Great food , great friends and a tough Corn Hole Tournament made for a fun day.

Thanks to Cindy and Fred for hosting the picnic.

Thanks to Dom and Connie for the great pictures.

Yummy Dessert Table!!
Corn Hole Tournament
Tournament winners, Women: Darlene and Claudia. Men: Matt and Fred

September 9th Plateau Corvette Club members lead by Frank, took them on a leisurely country drive along some awesome Tennessee roads, filled with curves, beautiful and unusual scenery, lakes and other breathtaking sights. Along the way they even made a brief stop at Delmonico Winery before heading back to Spankies in Cookeville for dinner.

Thanks to Frank, Roger and Kathy for a great drive and the pictures.

September 9th 28 Corvettes from the Plateau Corvette Club drove to the Cookeville Medical Center to pay a visit to a club member who is recovering in the hospital. The patient was brought outside to view the Corvettes as they paraded past. This brought big smiles to he and his wife. They appreciated the visit. Kathy also assembled a lovely gift basket and a meal from Spankies for them from club members. A big Thank You to Kathy and Roger for arranging the visit and to Frank for having “Get Well” signs  made for the members to hold up and for leading the parade. And a Thank You to all club members who attended this event.

This shows what a great club we have!

On Friday, August 27th club members met at the Brass Lantern under beautiful bright and sunny skies (Kathy’s rain dance worked!) for a spirited adventurous drive (when we didn’t have logging trucks, electrical workers and Sunday drivers in front of our group!). 15 cars containing 27 members (we were joined by 4 guests once we arrived at the restaurant) traveled along beautiful Tennessee roads – across hills, over mountains, through valleys, all the while thoroughly enjoying the thrill of the curves! We ate at Smoky Mountain Brewery In Maryville – where our large group was promptly greeted, seated and fed in record time! After lunch, some departed and headed off on their own, while we continued in with a smaller group towards home and a stop for delicious ice cream in Harriman. We had a great time together and look forward to our next adventure!

Thanks to Roger and Kathy for leading!!

Thursday August 19th Plateau Corvette Club members Cruise the Mountains, Valleys and Rivers that Tennessee is Famous For, It was an unique cruise through the countryside that encompasses some beautiful Tennessee scenery.

A stop was made at the Children’s Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell Tennessee. Afterwards they stopped for lunch near Chattanooga at Edly’s Barbeque – where they serve some of the BEST BBQ in the South and a brisket that will “melt in your mouth”.

Thanks to Roger and Kathy for a great drive and the pictures.

Ready to Ride
Nine Corvettes, all in a row – dodging rain drops (at least it’s not snow!)

Our “we just wanna drive” – N – dine Cruise was a blast! 5 cars with 10 people started off together at 8:30 am headed to Tullahoma for “Corvette Days” at Stan McNabb Chevrolet – hosted by Middle Tennessee Corvette Club. On our way, we traversed some of the original HWY 1 which ran from Bristol to Memphis, drove through an area where the Confederate Army did maneuvers during the civil war, drove by the headwaters of the Stones River. In Woodbury we drove through some beautiful countryside together!

On the second part our our journey from Stan McNabb’s Chevrolet to Monells at the Manor – was also a beautiful ride – we went through Bell Buckle and Wartrace on our way to Nashville – boy it got HOT – 98 – but it was a great ride!

Once we got to Monells, we were seated at the restaurant, the food came fast and furious! All plates were loaded up and ready to be consumed in what seemed like seconds!

Roger outdid himself picking a superb route – both coming and going- for this adventure; if you weren’t with us, you were missed – we hope you can come along next time! Great times, great ride, great friends – wonderful memories!

Thanks to Roger and Kathy for a great drive and pictures!!

Five Corvettes and ten people traveled along some absolutely beautiful backroads – over mountains and hills, through scenic valleys enroute to our destination (all the while dodging rain drops and really ugly storm clouds)  – first to McCutchen’s Magnolia House restaurant for some really good down home cookin’ Next, onto Unclaimed Baggage where we all did a little bit of treasure hunting,  combing through racks and aisles full of “stuff” The ride home was as beautiful as the ride there – but, there is NO place like our beautiful state of Tennessee and its mountains and hills…..we had the “patriotic” thing going with the cars lined up red, white and blue – and we all thought we would make it back home without hitting any rain – but alas, it dumped on us.

 Thank you to our leaders – Dennis and Carol and Roger and Kathy for the pictures and words.

Rain on the way !!

Wednesday, July 14th, Plateau Corvette Club members joined John and Reggie for a “back roads cruise” to Jacob Myers Restaurant on the River in Dayton, Tennessee, for lunch. Thanks to John and Reggie for a fun day and great pictures.