On Friday April 29th 7 Corvettes carrying 13 Plateau Corvette Club Members travelled curvy, scenic back roads under beautiful skies to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Sunshine and blue skies were with us most of the day except for about 5 minutes of rain after our “stretch your legs” rest and bathroom break. They stopped for lunch at Rafferty’s – touted as the #1 restaurant in the Bowling Green area.

 They were present for the presentation of proceeds of the Kentucky 1 lap to both the Museum and Trooper Island.  This year’s proceeds totaled $79,000.00 – which will be split 50/50 between the Museum and Trooper Island.  Trooper Jonathon Biven was present, along with his Commander, to receive Trooper Island’s portion of the proceeds. 

Thanks to Roger and Kathy for a fun drive!!

New Z06