“Drive n Dine” for February, Roger and Kathy planned an exciting adventure that took Plateau Corvette Club members along the beautiful back roads of Tennessee from the selected meeting place in Monterey, traveling to Sparta, where they stopped for a tour of the CalfKiller Brewing Company and experienced the “magical power of living beer”.  The tour was lively, interesting, informative and FUN, even if you don’t like the taste of beer! 

After touring the CalfKiller Brewing Company, their drive continued along Tennessee’s beautiful back roads, enjoying breath-taking scenery along the way to “Spankie’s Restaurant” in Cookeville where they enjoyed a great dining experience.

Big Thank You to Roger and Kathy J for a fun drive!

Photos by Kathy J

Enjoying a meal at “Spankies”

Interesting Tour about beer!
Even a little rain did not stop us!!
Flooding water ways!