Five Corvettes and ten people traveled along some absolutely beautiful backroads – over mountains and hills, through scenic valleys enroute to our destination (all the while dodging rain drops and really ugly storm clouds)  – first to McCutchen’s Magnolia House restaurant for some really good down home cookin’ Next, onto Unclaimed Baggage where we all did a little bit of treasure hunting,  combing through racks and aisles full of “stuff” The ride home was as beautiful as the ride there – but, there is NO place like our beautiful state of Tennessee and its mountains and hills…..we had the “patriotic” thing going with the cars lined up red, white and blue – and we all thought we would make it back home without hitting any rain – but alas, it dumped on us.

 Thank you to our leaders – Dennis and Carol and Roger and Kathy for the pictures and words.

Rain on the way !!